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a buddy with benefits May 31, 2009

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So i just ask her how she’s doing, unable to think of anything else to ask her. we have not met. and someone, a mutual friend, is trying to set us up over facebook. its not what you think, we are neither of us looking for romance. Its just that a girl, or a woman in her case, has certain needs and in modern day society this is apparently perfectly reasonable.

Not that i jumped at the chance, even though she may be a good 7 (or even a close 7.5) in the Richter scale of hotness out of ten, i am wary of these flings. women without a mind to keep you interested will soon bore you unless you can just get in there and get out. now if that was the case, i really wouldn’t mind at all. But i am anticipating certain socially ceremonious fingys to follow and that always turns me off.

There is the sacrifice of time. I can’t really be arsed to go for dinners and stuff to get the formalities sorted. Coffee would be alright i guess. There is also the question of money, who is going to spend for it all? now if it were a decent friend with benefits, she’d split the costs, that i wouldn’t mind, out of the principle of the whole thing. But times are hard my friend and these days renting hotel rooms is going to cost you dear.

Also, well, a woman who knows what she wants is a delightful creature. Especially if what she wants is to unabashedly have sex with you. A woman who doesn’t though, will drive you up the wall and in no uncertain terms will you be guaranteed some action at the end of all the traction and the burning rubber..

So how are you doing? I’m doing fine.

Your place or mine?

Is probably kind of what I’m hoping for. Kind of. but maybe not quite. perhaps i need to figure out how to drive this into a favourable position. But so far, it has always worked better to watch, listen and wait. As in attempts at pushing the pace have not really paid off. I find, rather, that appropriate action will arise within myself once a little bit of patience is exercised. This does not guarantee success though. It just reduces embarrassment.


You are your age and the speed of light May 24, 2009

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the world is a funny place its a funny place. My sunny face has lighted up and i turn my head into a new race. A race of the heart a soul spawned desire to face. face towards the unknown the future, a new leaf i turn under the watchful gaze of a young star, albeit billions of years old now.

Light travels from youth, that which we look upon is older than how we see it. the world reaches us late. We are scientifically living in the past. As proven by the laws of physics.

If i may digress for a moment, there is a site the propounds disbelief in religion. I commented in order to engage in what the writer called a productive discussion, though i am yet to receive anything in terms of a reply from him.

If everything we look upon is older than they appear, then the difference in that age is equal to the time taken by light to travel from them to me.

that is why the stars are young. Because the stars we see are young. Their light has been traveling to us from a million years ago, so when we look at a star in the night sky, we see not what that star is at the present moment of time, but what it was when the light hitting our eyes left it.

Using statements like ‘at the present moment of time’ in addressing space and time and such big ass concepts, is not quite appropriate, but is sufficient to convey the message.

The Pragmatist Nebula May 20, 2009

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most have lost their wits while some have lost their souls, i have simply lost my sense of humour. My power to let the shadows go. They have taken over a part of me. That was apparent a long time ago. And ever since they took me i have been living with them; enemies within a friend, or is my friend also a foe?

The nebula of the Pragmatists, as it is known among the more philosophical circles, is a fearsome place for the happy person. There dwell species of all kinds, drawn towards common thought patterns, as if some cosmic wind bore them the scent of realists that existed despite the universe’s tendency to produce nothing but false happyists, convinced the world was rosy when it in reality was painted black.

This common feeling that is known by various words in various worlds, and is known as ‘depression’ to those on earth, is a common feature among the pragmatists. They accept it as an inherent part of coming to grips with the scale and size of the universe, of coming to grips with ones inability to understand it and ones lack of capability to comprehend it during ones lifetime. They are dark and brooding but they accept it as a part of their demeanour and most of them are glad to escape from home planets where such emotional glumness is looked down upon, browbeated and sidelined.

I was skeptical of the Pragmatists ideal in the beginning. until i realized that there really was no ideal to speak of. Even the name ‘Pragmatists Nebula’ was one cast upon it by outsiders, and not by the residents or semi residents that frequented it. It was just a place that the brooding could go to. An intergalactic stopping point where being an emo wasn’t a crime, it was pragmatic, and it was very much a sane reaction.

There is no concerted or organized effort at recruiting more people. There is no central organization or power base that the nebula is operated from. It is just a place, where the like minded just happened to convene, a real place, far away from false optimists and fake smiles. Far away from a norm that demands a smile on ones face all the time.

Its a nice place for a visit, if you’re not a happyist.

The dirty blood May 20, 2009

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the dirty blood has been spilled and i come to this island in the sun in awe and regret. regret for the dead. and in awe for the victorious.

Any war is bloody and devastating. And any victor will proclaim similarity to other victors of old. they will draw parallels and military rhetoric will emerge.

Any antagonist who dies will leave behind scores of elated oppressed. That is what it means to have an enemy, you rejoice in his downfall, this is nothing unusual.

There is an environment in this nation that is still cynical of victory. Still cynical of the action’s of the victorious leader. There is nothing to be cyncal about his actions. There is nothing to be put down in the emotions of the people over the events of the past few days.

This is normal.

The cynics should focus on the future. On what will happen next.

Is devlopment going to happen and how soon? who will aid us? and who will fight corruption?

will we move on a path to increased freedom  and democracy?or freedom and autocracy? or slavery under either of the two?

will we change back the constitution to pre-JR days?

will we make an effort at justice to the (now apparently non-existent) minorities?

Let’s be cynical about the president’s speech. for to me it was nothing less than aimless rhetoric. At times pointless. and baseless in reality save for its allusions to the past.

Colonizng the Stars!! and other fairy tales March 13, 2009

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She lifted her left tentacle, the third one from the right, oh she was surely turned on tonight

Her green skin had come out in red blotches, a sure sign of arousal

he felt himself rising to the occasion and…

it was a complicated affair,

she was green and her horns got in the way of his hair

but they somehow went through with it

because in galactic scales

love was nothing else but another emotion to let loose

to consummate with another species

a social duty of sorts

and thats the story of how

the Zenegul of Abelintra 45 (humanoid)

colonized the stars.

The Machine March 8, 2009

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Ah! how are my fellow planetary puppets doing? its been light years of travel into a different star system that has kept me away from you for so long. Forgive my delay in reporting back, but even my data transmission takes months to reach you across the inter-system wastelands.

Tresgul is the star system i am currently located in. I managed to hitch a ride on Merachian telescope machine heading this way.

The Tresgul are fully incorporated into a galactic community and have strong base of trade based on solar cotton pods which they exclusively manufacture. Solar cotton pods allow the wearer to travel somewhat closer to the surfaces of suns and therefore are very popular among the flare surfers.

They are exclusive to Tresgul due to a unique creature which resides in their home planets. Guess its something  like a cotton worm on earth. Iv never seen it though and it’s got a complicated name.

Tresgul operates on much the same basis as the political economic environment of earth. capitalism is still alive, and no matter how far into space faring they are, they still haven’t been able to shake off the huge and oppressive weight of the Machine.

Seems like i have to go. The telescope ship I’m on (i have no idea why its called that, its about two generations old and can only travel at 10 krites or so maximum speed. Oh and a krite is equal to speed of normal light through vacuum) will be heading back to earth’s part of the Milky Way so i may hop off or i may not.

Or i may just slip back into Azure 45 for a bit. How i got back into this universe in the first place warrants another story.


robots December 22, 2008

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the danger existed where the human race was in peril of being taken over by machines. but we have passed that fork in the road of technological development without taking it. Surprisingly, it may come to you, this took place many centuries ago. when we deviated away in simple methods from magic and other forms of meta science essential for the development of truly humanoid and intelligent machinery and chose a completely different path of technical evolution down which we have strayed forever since.

But we are worse off for it. We have turned into robots ourselves. we are nameless faceless beings who cover ourselves within a sheen of illusion giving us a chance to color our mundane lives while we go on being nothing much other than one track minded machines slaving for things that we have been almost genetically pre-programmed to expect out of life.  safety, security, love, self actualization yes, the ‘hierarchy’ of needs.

Some of us have expanded our horizons a bit. By no means are we non-robots but we are a bit brainier than who we see and deem to be ‘lesser’ beings. we rule over them. we are the classes of power. we revel in exploitation and we tell them to do what we want them to. we do it inadvertently. we are not organized as a whole which exploits, contrary to popular belief. though we occasionally form pockets of coorporation, like some of the great organizations known as multinationals but mostly we are in it for our own gain. we are robots as well, but we are more powerful. yet we use that power to further a cause as petty and as mindless as those ‘lesser’ beings we call workers. or the masses.

Looking at Earth from a galactic point of view. i am saddened by our lack of vision. Our brains themselves seem to be incapable of thinking a few miles beyond our atmosphere. That is not to say there are not visionary thinkers capable of looking at Earth in a universal context, but how many are here? how many for instance, would not think me a deranged a fool upon reading this?

we are robots in a box. trapped inside it by the limits of our own vision. destined to fight each other or unite for the destruction of a party of others in false guises of patriotism. destined to use what power is given us to  abuse those below us. destined to never see ourselves as a species and a race that has unlimited potential for prosperity in the vast reaches of the infinite universe.

It makes me sad sometimes. makes me stare into the distant skies with a sense of hopelessness for us. when will we ever learn?

Smoke it up maan December 17, 2008

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Drugs. Its funny how every civilization or species I’ve come across in all my travels, in our home universe as well as Azure 45, has some sort of drug or drugs that are heavily used. It may not always be the same substance, the same chemicals even. But all species all over the universe as far as I know indulge in the escapist act of ‘getting high’.

On Luton Seranda (the beautiful planet also blogged about here) for instance, NaCl or common salt is illegal. And possession of the substance is punishable by death. If you are wondering about the sea, well, its pure water with ultra light traces of cyanide, but that doesn’t harm the Serandians. The Salt however, is a killer. At least on overdose.

As far as my observations can tell, salt on the Serandians physique seem to have a similar affect as heroin on ours. That is to give you that kind of high you get after a heavy workout. All pumped up and taut. The Serandian gale surfers are notorious salt addicts, performing amazing feats of athleticism and attributing their success to the drug. But any positive effects are negated by mental degeneration, hallucination and other psychological side effects.

Drugs, to me are a form of escapism. Science tells me that drugs simply stimulate the release of certain chemicals into my system artificially, causing chemical imbalance and psychological dependence upon regular use. Drugs have cult followings, have inspired art and music and have also succeeded in destroying families, social structures and in some cases whole planets.

So are they good or bad? most people say they are bad, the people who use them claim otherwise. There’s two sides to every story, but the story of the addict is always a desperate one. Do we have a right to interfere? Do we have a right to tell a person not to destroy themselves? Do we have a right to destroy ourselves? or is the destruction that drugs bring a blessing in the eyes of the user?

let me just have a little more salt and think about that one.

The job I don’t like December 16, 2008

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The feeling is to vent. To release all that is pent up inside. We are all much wiser in retrospect and we are always suffering from a syndrome that contradicts it. retrospective falsification. we falsify. We look back and deny. We are not brainy when we do that.

The 7th planet in the Densintus star system has a funny life form living on it. They are intelligent beings yet they are fatally flawed. Fatally in terms of them being doomed to eternal stagnation of progress as a species. It is not that they are stupid. or have inadequate brains. they are quite intelligent, and have quite well-formed brains physically adequate, i’m told, to ensure they turn out to be a powerful civilization but that is only physically, the flaw that holds them back rather, is psychological.

yes they rerospectively falsify. They are not capable of accepting their mistakes and realizing what they need to do to make things right. They are stubborn and they prefer to be under the illusion that they are always right rather than admit mistakes and correct them, being much brainier in retrospect than they would have been.

when you lose, dont lose the lesson, this much used Earth idiom comes to mind.

And thus their whole species suffered. and for billion of years, this psychological barrier kept them from moving from primitives to an intelligent progressive civilization.

Sigh, sometimes i think the human race is the same. Except our cycles are longer. First there was Atlantis, then it sunk ionto the water, then the Byzantians, Babylonians. Egyptians, Mayans and countless other advanced civilizations that crumbled and whose knowledge was eternally lost. And what do we do on present day earth? we look back, we falsify, we call them primitives, and we think ourselves to be the greatest there ever was. Little knowing what wonders we have missed and will probably never discover now that we are moving in our own specific direction as a scientific race.

All the magic of Byzantine, the telekinesis of Atlantis, Feats of parallel universal travel infrastructure perfected by the Egyptians, all lost.

And we think we’re great.

.My best friend’s sister December 15, 2008

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I think I’m in love with my best friend’s sister. The universe is oval in shape. Or so think the lost physicians of Zandor 35Z45. who lost their way in a rip of space time. But not a regular rip, oh no, apparently this particular rip was strange in that it was folding in on itself, therefore, what they created was in effect a loophole in time and space. Sending them repeatedly circulating in a void comprising of the past and the future, like laundry stuck inside a washing machine with no way of getting out.

Anyway i am stuck in a cycle where I’m in love with my best friend’s sister. Every time i see her, I fall in love with her all over again. And every time I’m away from her, i convince myself to stop thinking of things like that. Stuck in a loophole. I am one of those hopelss romantics men, cant help it. I’ll fall in love at a pinch i think. No wait, thats not true, i dont fall in love at a pinch. In fact i am quite emotionally distant but ocasionally infatuation hits like a punch in the stomach.

In Luton Seranda, a somewhat exotic planet somewhere on the rim of Azure 45, there are humanoids living on endless beaches of white sand backed by thick forests of dark green foliage of some kind and in front ah, the sea. Dark blue, at times a beautiful torquoise. It’s nice to see that at least the colors of beauty never change, or maybe its just the way my eye sees.

So I am not sure if this is infatuation or love or whatever it could be. It is not something that just happened. We’ve always had this sort of eye contact, awkwardness going. Or maybe I am just imagining it. It would’nt be the first time. Women can be difficult.

On Zandor 35Z45, the lost physicians are prophesized to return one day. to escape from the loophole of time they are trapped in. And when they return, there is said to dawn a new age of knowledge. Answers to questions that have long since been a mystery even n Azure 45. Answers to the meaning of such things like ‘love’ and ‘women’

Or so it is prophesized.

I hope they hurry up. One thing thing I hate is to be in love without knowing what I’m feeling. Or how to progress.